About Us




Dahlia Enterprises is one of the leading Rice ,Food products and Spices suppliers who are supplying to whole sellers ,millers and major exporters
especially from Kerala, India to cater their Gulf,African and European customers. We are very well equipped enough to meet all bulk and Private Label needs of our customer. We at Dahlia accord special attention to our
private label buyers and also help them in new product selection and development according their Requirements. Products can be arranged for Private Labellig include various Rice verities, Spices and food Products.
We offer our customers the very best quality products with Utmost Care ,Attention and Commitment at Right Prices. Our endeavour has always been to
pack premium quality products for our clients especially Private label clients so
that they could build their brand equity and trust in their respective markets.
Our commitment and assurance to deliver the best Quality products with
good Packaging on time , keep them delighted and giving us further opportunities to serve them better each time. Thus we are considering
ourselves as their partner in Progress.
We are well equipped to provide various pack sizes, packaging material, with consistent product quality and reliability of deliveries. The various packaging
options for bulk and Private label are as under.

Non-Woven bags
Jute bags
Laminate / Pouches
Metallic Laminates